Enchanting Glass Music by Robert Tiso

Glass harmonica wizard Robert Tiso of Bologna brings music to life in a rather unconventional and enchanting way.


Using only the tips of his fingers and moving expertly from one wine glass to another to produce different sounds, Tiso produces a lyrical and hybrid rendition of a classical repertoire.

Among his many performances we find Beethoven’s N5 Symphony, Tchaickovsky’s Swan Lake, and Brahms’ N5 Hungarian Dance.

Tiso transforms a few glass cups and some water into a magical musical instrument.

He dazzles spectators with a flawless technique; fingers moving with the dexterity of a pianist caressing and fusing with his instrument, Tiso produces music that surprises, unsettles, and remind that creativity and innovation are endless.

Robert Tiso, Toccata in D minor – Michael Lawrence Films Bach Project

YouTube Preview Image

Symphony n°5-Beethoven

YouTube Preview Image

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